• Whole Child.  Whole Future.  Cresthaven Academy Charter School



  • At Cresthaven Academy, we are committed to building a strong academic foundation for every scholar by providing rigorous, Common Core-aligned literacy and numeracy instruction. Through our whole child approach, we recognize each scholar as an individual, offering developmentally appropriate and differentiated instruction combined with an emphasis on social-emotional and physical wellness. We believe that a joyful school culture, community partnerships, and family engagement are cornerstones to student success, and we work hand-in-hand with families to support all learners through special education services and ESL/ELL supports.  With a longer school day and year, we maintain high academic engagement and provide exposure to the arts and hands-on learning via field trips and enrichment opportunities. 

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  • HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION Cresthaven Academy scholars receive access to the best educators, curriculum, and resources available. Strategic innovation, academic rigor, and developmentally appropriate practice serve to actualize each child’s potential, setting them on the path to college.
  • FAMILY & COMMUNITY SUPPORT Cresthaven Academy incorporates comprehensive support for scholars and families into the education model, including a dynamic after-school enrichment program, in order to inspire excellence in character, identity, and academics in each child.
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS The Cresthaven Academy Wellness Team exists to facilitate, encourage, and foster the developmental growth of scholars to achieve physical, social and mental well-being by providing quality care and access to experts in these fields.
  • EXCELLENCE Through a dynamic approach focused on developing the whole child, Cresthaven Academy scholars are equipped to meet high academic standards inside the classroom while growing into compassionate and emotionally-intelligent global citizens outside the classroom. Our targeted, individualized, and holistic approach to learning prepares scholars for success in college, careers, and beyond.